Our Mission  

1.To provide quantitative assessment of local area climatological information to scientific and farming community
2.To evolve technologies with clear application in evolving farming strategies for the benefit of the poor dryland farmer as well as the progressive commercial farmer through multi-disciplinary research and outreach
3.To provide regular agrometeorological advisories to farmers based on the location specific medium range weather forecasts received from the NCMRWF


  Our Vision  

1.To become a leading regional centre for agrometeorological information dissemination
2.To develop user friendly software packages for use in agrometeorological advisory development
3.To provide supporting information to the medium range forecasts with the help of satellite meteorology inputs
4.To widen the scope of Agrometeorology through continued efforts in multi-disciplinary activities
5.To imbibe into the students the significance of agrometeorological inferences for future development
6.To support the AICRP on Agrometeorology Directorate by supplying quality experimental data and results
7.To support the Remote Sensing programs through development of quality ground truth as well as participate in the national programs
8.Crop and cultivar selection- short/long duration and early/late maturing
9.Sowing window selection
10. Land utilization



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