The Indian agriculture and its economy are strongly influenced by the vagaries of the weather. The farming community is in great need to have access to weather information to plan and manage their crops as well as their livelihoods. One of the important communication systems that is gaining increased acceptance in the recent times is the Internet. Keeping in view the needs of the farming community, particularly in the fast developing communication skills, an attempt is made here to use the Internet as a viable interface for providing valuable agrometeorological information to them through development of this website, is named as BIJAPUR AGROMETEOROLOGICAL SERVICES.


This Website is operated from the AICRPAM (All India Co-ordinated Research Project on Agrometeorology) Co-operating Center located at the Regional Agricultural Research Station, Bijapur of the University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad that caters to the scientific agricultural needs of the farmers in Northern Karnataka. The website is to be linked to the Indian Council of Agricultural Reaserch (ICAR) Website, / for a wider use by planners, researchers and farming community,and provides valuable information to other public users. The Website not only provides information on the research activities but also the teaching and the outreach activities of the Agromet Centre at Bijapur.It also provides linkages to other associated Web sites where information of agrometeorological relevance is located. It includes the sites of other agricultural universities and research institutes so that the viewers have access to all related information of their needs on the subject. It facilitates the user to utilize the information for improved management of agricultural system as well as to achieve enhanced and sustained agricultural productivity.


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